Welcome to RIA-Trivandrum the top ranking Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institute in India where we all share the passion for aviation and produce the skill which supports Indian aviation industries to keep it’s flying machines safe and sound in the air.

RIA-Trivandrum history, legacy and reputation date back almost over two decades. We pride oversells on being emerged as a leader in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and Aviation Education. which is provided through our campus at Sonepat, Haryana. We recognize the primary importance of our academic mission to creating technically sound and matured professionals through highly innovative and systematic learning.

RIA-Trivandrum is dedicated to educational services, knowledge, discovery, and place of the debate of scientific, technology and social issues. We are also committed to excellent teaching that reflected creative through and innovation which provides our students technical knowledge and working experience on live aircraft to fulfill their professional objects.

RIA-Trivandrum is a dynamic institution which is constantly evolving to keep pace with the global development in aviation. I welcome you to our existing institute to add wings to your career in aviation with RIA-Trivandrum experience.

Mr. Girish Kumar A R