Welcome to Regional Institute Of Aviation

Aircraft maintenance is an inevitable, unavoidable and a key component of the airlines industry.

Demand for new aircrafts are going up by the day due to which there is a gap between demand and supply for talented, experienced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. AME’s play the most important part of keeping each and every aircraft safe and air worthy.

This is where we come in. Leveraging our decades of teaching experience, RIA helps create the best in class AME’s that airlines love to hire. With our undisputed image as that of a leader in the industry, our students get access to some of the best AME jobs out there.

1. Years of teaching experience

2. Best campus for AME education in India spread over acres of land

3. 9+ labs for practical training

4. 5  aircrafts for hands-on training

5. Experienced faculty members with decades of teaching experience

6. Job oriented study program